Monday, September 11, 2006


Well folk's its time to admit something on this today 9/11/006, the 5 years anninversity of 9/11 the day were yay we got to kill Arab's afterwards. See, after 5 long years' of blogging on 11ths saying stupid dhinger stuffs all this time, I can't be in such denials any longer:

I'm admit The Iraq War was wrong. Even though I'm a Reputzi dhinger. In fact I"m wrong . About all of it. You should go vote for a the Democrats now.

PHWEW that fells better. I can't believe I hold out all this time. I'm such a dope. The other part of it is, look how many dhingers still out there DIDN"T admit The Iraq War was wrong yet. What does that say about them. Because I'm RELLY stupid so if there not changing there mind like I just dramatically did, then compare to me just how much more stupid is THEY be?

Anyway with me admitting I was wrong I guess I'll retire this blog. After 5 long years. Thanks to all my readers who stuck with me all that time BWT. Gosh thats a long time but I changed my mind now, so whats that show. Thats right it shows that the dhingers (like me- which is what I am) can't hide it any longer. They need to admit that The Iraq War was wrong like I did(if I 5 year dhinger like me can then everone must).

P.S. Make sure vote pull lever the Democrats come election's time that's the improtant thing if The Iraq War was wrong which it was.


Anonymous Red Anjin said...

Wow. Such love and commitment. All that time for 17 comments. I am awed at your resolve to post fabulous words and to continue even when no one was watching. Are you going to shut down the site now?

You should go visit this site. And comment. Your comments would be most welcome there.

3:25 AM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Anyone who could admit he is wrong after five years is obviously a sap on a cosmic scale.

What a tard.

4:40 PM  
Blogger Gormless Norman said...

Don't feel bad, dude, we're all mistaken at some point. The first time I saw Good Will Hunting I thought it sucked, but then later on I realised it was actually pretty good, so I went and bought it. I only had a VHS at the time, not a DVD player, so I got it on VHS. But then after a while, and this is like 2003 so everybody had DVD players already, finally I got around to getting one too, but it was only when Circuit City had a sale, so mine was only like 20 dollars after the rebate. But I never got around to sending in the rebate thing on time, so it actually cost me about 40 bucks, still not bad. But the only problem is, this DVD player doesn't work with certain DVDs for some reason, there's video but no sound. There was no sound with Amelie, and also with Butch Cassidy, which is one of those great movies that after years I've still never seen in its entirety, only bits and pieces like if it's on cable. But anyway, it works with almost every movie. Now, I'm behind the curve again, because everybody is on Netflix, and at some point I'll get around to signing up too. That will probably happen before I bother buying a new DVD player, if I even do at all!

4:05 PM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

You know what I never understood about Amelie was why they kept making reference to Princess Diana and Mother Theresa dying on the same day. What do that have to do with anything? Really!

5:44 AM  
Blogger Gormless Norman said...

Hey Pasto,

I think the Mother Theresa references might be to highlight that Amelie has this strong feeling almost like a calling that she has to devote herself to others, but at the same time, this instinct makes her disregard her own happiness. This is seen in the part where she's watching the black and white news footage of her funeral, and the voiceover is talking about how she devoted her life to others, etc.

The Princess Di references are a bit trickier for me. It could be along the same lines: like Mother Theresa, Di's life was really given away to others completely: she was sort of public property, always expected to act in certain ways, and obviously she did a lot of charity, etc. And, she was in a miserable marriage with Charles; then, just when it finally looked like she was asserting her own independence and had possibly found love, she's dead. So that could be a hint to Amelie that she better get on the ball and look out for her own happiness while she still can.

There is a fault in critics to constantly discern in films themes that nobody thinks is there but the critic, because they're personal to the critic. Myself, I have the habit of seeing everything through the context of WWIII and the colossal change the world underwent, in my view, on September 11th. One example: in Y Tu Mama Tambien, which is obviously full of the theme of time's relentless advance, there's a brief mention of how Tenoch's dad is off tomorrow for Seattle, where he will attend a WTO conference. The function of this is to give a tiny clue of historical and political context: it puts a date on the events. In my mind, there is a real connection between the WTO protests and other pre-911 events, such as the Durban conference on Racism. This gives the movie an added dimension: not only is time destined to relentlessly sweep away the beautiful moments that happens with these characters (and every little detail in the movie reminds us that these moments are fleeting, which makes us appreciate them so much more), but also we are reminded of the sweep of time on a grand scale: a major turning point in history is coming, as these kids get stoned and fight and fuck. Absolutely beautiful, I love it.

With Y Tu Mama, which was made in 2003, I'm pretty sure this was a deliberate touch. Amelie was from 1999, I think, so insofar as the film places a date certain on the events, it was not deliberate. But for me as a viewer, it has the same effect: the magic of Amelie is located firmly in the 1990s, with everything that means now, which is a lot. I would say the same thing exactly about l'Auberge Espanol.

6:51 PM  
Blogger Gormless Norman said...

By the way Pasto, did you read Dhinger's last post, "to describe my house"? I could be looking in a mirror at myself when I was 19, which was obviously a while before 9/11 also, but still, it's remarkable.

6:54 PM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

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4:42 PM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Gormless Norman,
I see what you mean about Amelie. I have to wonder if maybe I did not give the film enough credit. I'm admit, I saw the movie as a postmodern improvisation on Jane Austen's Emma. While that novel is perceptive and innovative and, certainly, an expression of the zeitgeist of the time - in that it was a seeking out of the new avenues of altruism which were becoming available to the Middle Class as a result of new capitalistic forces at work in the Enligtenment era - I would not hold it, or its progeny, Amelie to be on the same par with the mystical explorations of time and circumstance which illumine your perception of the movie Y Tu Mama Tambien.

That being said, I do have to wonder if, perhaps, you are bringing your own genius to bear on what is, otherwise, a mediocre, if titilating, work of cinema.

6:40 AM  
Blogger Gormless Norman said...

It didn't even occur to me that Amelie might be modeled a bit after Emma. It certainly fits at least in that both girls fix up other people early on, and have little projects going on to help other people, and overlook their own happiness until the end. There might be other similarities, I'll have to pull Emma off the shelf, or at least rent Clueless again!

As far as Y Tu Mama, I'm not sure my genius is powerful enough to transform a mediocre movie into the brilliant and haunting philosophical meditation I see in that movie. Perhaps instead of my genius, it was something else, such as the tingling sensation the movie inspires in my genital region?

12:35 PM  
Blogger Gormless Norman said...

In one of my commentaries above I split an infinitive. I humbly apologize for this lapse of judgment. In penance for my grammatical trespass, you may tie my wrists over my head with leather straps, put a ball-gag in my mouth, and lash my behind with a cat-o-nine-tails, but only if you're over 6' tall and 200 lbs., dom, str8 or str8 acting, and over 7" cut.

7:57 PM  

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