Thursday, March 11, 2004

Now Spain gets it

RFFLFLF this is so awesome. We do the wrong war and everyone else pays the price. Spain got TOTALLY hit today and I don't care. Actually I'm loving it (because I want to Take The War To Somewhere Else and today thats Spain which is fine by me). There stupid dhinger leader got them into this and I don't care waht they do to get out of this. As long as they dont' touch my vaccation home in Hawaaii or Florida I'm ok with them bombing metros like everywhere. So much teh better because I can keep using this to claim were in a "war" on "terror" even though thats phony(because terror is a tactic). BWT I just bought a couple new SUVS today which are AWESOME! Gas chugging like you wouldn't believe

UPDATE a couple days later: ok there seems to be one bad side effect which is that the dhinger got kicked out and now its Socialists in charge in Spain. I'm against that(Socalists) because I don't care about the people (only the powerful). But oh well