Monday, August 11, 2003

Why I'm real

I bet by now some dhingers who are reading this blog(at hte time of it is being written i.e. 2003) can't believe that someone with there beliefs could be so stupid as I am. There all embarrass that they are as stupid as me(basicallY). So there probably out there saying "thsi blog is a obvoius fake santyre" blah blah blah well guess waht they couldn't be more wrong. As I sit here in August of 2003 writing this blog post I'll prove it to you. If I was writing this fake from the future then shurely I would know who won tomorrow's I.e. August 12 2003 baseball game(dhingers like me love baseballs instead of exciting sports) between the Atlanata Braves and the San Diego Padres would I not? (It stands to reason). But I DON"T because its today not tomorrow and so I can only guess. Thereby I predict that the Braves will beat the Padres by like 10 points. Now lets wait a day and see waht happen

UPDATE 8/12/2003: OGM I was wrong! (Not hte first time) They lost 14 to 4 points (I was even 180 degrees basckwards) so you see? I didn't know waht would happen AT ALL (just hte opposite infact). Thats why I'm real and your STUPID for even thinking such a thing, you (other) dhingers.


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