Friday, July 11, 2003

ATTENTION- time to expose Wilson's wife!!1

Uh oh Joe Wilson just published his findings in New York Times(the paper of record- which I pretend is fake, except Judith Miller fake stuff which we pass of as real) and were in trouble(alittle). Click here for the aritcle republished on Common Dreams which is a websight probably I'd never read in a millions years because I'm a dhinger(only expose myself to one side of all issues). Even as a dhinger I have to admit (secretly-deep down) that Joe Wilson did a awesome job of dimolishing are entire case for war right there in that editorial. But hey- waht do I care about logics or arguments. Thats reality(which I'm against). So my instinctive reaction instead is just, let's out Wilson's wife now. What do we care if she assassinated.