Tuesday, February 11, 2003

16 Words- forgot to mention

I forgot to mention the 16 Words from last month(the previous one)!!! Thats were Bush told the WHOPPER OF ALL WHOPPERS that Saddams was buying uranium by the handful from like all over Africa even though Joe Wilson desproved all that (wasn't even that hard to disprove either. Why are Neocons (like me- which is what I am) so stupid they think they can pull one over on Joe Wilson). But you know whats great? It doesn't matter because we kept the Wilson Findings quiet(for now). So we can do the war all we want and no one can stop us! OH THANK god for the 16 words last month because they helped brainwashed Congress to do the Iraq War vote (I talked about this in November of 2002 you'll recall).


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