Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Why the delay- who cares about other people

I don't understand why the delay (of Iraq War which is my deepest sex dream) because I don't understand why we have to talk to people (UN, the world) to sort things out with words instead of violence. Like I think we should just kill the people we want and not ask a any other peoples. But I guess its ok because eventually we'll do just that (pretty sure). Also Bush BETTER NOT be multilateral and get France's help ect. I don't want us doing this with any allies I want it unilateral lonely. (Thats stupid Necon philosophy and I'm swallowed it wholesale) So I hope Bush rejects all allies(except a few dimestore Anglo Sanxon ones). Intentionally. Merry Chrismas BWT but not Ramadan (Ramadan-probalby around this time but I don't care/ I even think we should keep doing Afghanistan war right on through Ramadan infact)


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